Thursday, March 8, 2012

Potentially Pivotal Day(s)

Status: I think I may be losing my mind.

Number of queries sent: 19
Number of form rejections: 7
Number of requests for additional materials: 0

Couple of things going on. First and foremost in my mind right now is the Secret Agent contest I mentioned in my last post. The submissions went up yesterday (I'm #43!). Secret Agent commented on the first six last night, and has been working his/her secret way through the rest of them since 10:38 this morning. Being so late in the list is torture. But at least I'm not somewhere in the 44-50 range. Glass half full and all that jazz.

So that's the main reason I'm losing my mind. I want so badly to know! And checking on the progress of Secret Agent is kind of like a really slow countdown to me. Gah! But Secret Agent should finish all of the comments today, and hopefully make a decision by tomorrow. I haven't been following the blog/secret agent contests for very long, but that's the basic timeline from the February contest.

As for the other contest, the woman running it posted on Twitter that the judge will pick the winners within a week (i.e. by Tuesday), or maybe as early as tomorrow! So I'm really hopeful for that one. We shall see.

Then there's the regular query process. Today is the cutoff day for the agent I mentioned in the status section of my Changes (again) post, and I still haven't heard a response. I'm starting to think she really just didn't get my query. It's a pretty disappointing realization. But what are you going to do? If I don't hear back tonight, I'll requery tomorrow and hope for the best.

Oh, and as a side note, you'll notice that my queries sent count went up by one, even though I said I was taking a break. This is because I happened upon another literary agent that just felt right to me. I don't know how to explain it beyond that. I just got a good feeling and wanted to send my query. I did, however, make a slight change to the wording at the end of the first paragraph. We'll see what happens.

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