Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Bit of Humor

As I did back in this post about my dogs, I'm going to tell you a quick story. Just for fun.  :)

So a week ago, the neighbors' kids were over at my house, because they were going to be taking care of Mickey (my guinea pig) and Bartleby (by gecko) while the hubby and I were out of town. They'd taken care of Mickey before, but Bartleby is pretty new, so they had to learn the ropes. 

Before they left, they asked if they could look in my office. This is because my office is full of many fun and wondrous things. For example, neighbor kid #1, an eight year old girl, oohed and ahhed over all the clothing I have for my American Girl Doll, Felicity. Neighbor kid #2, a six year old boy, found a plastic sword and ran around like a swashbuckling pirate. 

Anyway, while they were in my office, they saw a cross stitch sampler that my grandmother made me long ago, which was hanging on my wall. The following conversation ensued:

8yo neighbor girl: That's so pretty!

Me: My grandmother made that for me when I was four years old.

8yo neighbor girl: How long ago was that?

Me: Twenty-four years.

6yo neighbor boy: You're twenty-four years old?

Me: Twenty-eight, actually.

6yo neighbor boy: Were you one of the original pilgrims?

Me: -___-

I guess age is all about perspective!