Thursday, December 12, 2013

Malcolm Reynolds Trumps All

The following conversation occurred during the opening credits of Love Actually. (This will make no sense to you if you are unfamiliar with Love Actually, The Walking Dead, or Firefly/Serenity).

Husband: Keira Knightley should've gone with the best friend guy. Then she would've survived the zombie apocalypse.

Me: But she stuck with the guy who killed Mr. Universe with a sword. And he was pretty badass.  And the reavers are pretty much like zombies.

Husband: But he didn't do that hot against the reavers!

Me: He did fine against the reavers. He had a problem with Mal.

Husband: *thinks for a few seconds* So really, the moral of the story is that she should've sought out Nathan Fillion.

Me: And this is why I love you.

Ah, Nathan Fillion. Like you, I will never move on from the glory that was Firefly. Long live Malcolm Reynolds.  

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